This is an excellent exercise and a stretch for the lower back and core muscles.

Push Ups

This exercise is the main strengthening exercise when wanting to strengthen ones chest, biceps and triceps as well as core muscles.


This is an excellent exercise for strengthening and maintaining the core muscles.

Chin Ups

This is an extremely good exercise for upper arm and middle back strengthening.

Side Plank

This is an exercise for core strengthening.

Chest Dips

This is an exercise for chest, triceps and shoulder strengthening.

Push Ups Close and Wide Hand Versions

These are variations on Push Ups, one of the best exercise for muscles of the chest (pectorals), arms (bicep and triceps) and core development. The core muscles are the rectus abdomen and oblique’s which support the spine.

Push Ups with Feet Elevated

This is the same general movement as with a Push Up except your feet are elevated allowing greater range of motions and targeting the pectorals differently than the regular Push Up.

Push Ups with feet on exercise ball

This is similar to the standard Push Up except using an Exercise Ball forces you to engage the muscle of your core (Rectus Abdominis, Transverse Abdominis, and the Obliques).

Body Leg Lifts

This is an exercise for gluts and hamstring strengthening.