Upper Body Row

Body Row

This is a good overall exercise which strengthens your chest, core and back muscles.

Lower Bent Arm Pullover

Bent Arm Pullover

This is an exercise for chest, triceps, shoulders and lats strengthening.

Lower Barbell Good Mornings

Barbell Good Mornings

This is one of the oldest exercises in bodybuilding but it still is one of the best for working the lower back.

Lower Smith Machine Good Mornings

Smith Machine Good Mornings

This exercise utilises the same technique of the standard Good Mornings yet the use of the Smith Machine provides more stability.

Upper Barbell Dead Lift

Barbell Dead Lifts

The techniques is identical to that of the Smith Machine dead lift except for the fact that this exercise provides less support.

Rear Seated Cable Row

Seated Cable Rows

This is an exercise for middle back, biceps and lower back strengthening.

Lower Incline Chest Press

Incline Chest Press

This exercise is for strengthening the upper chest and is preferred among beginners as it provides support and control.