Barbell Squat

This is an exercise for leg strengthening, mainly the quadriceps. Steps Lifting a barbell off of a weight rack, position it on your shoulders. Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart with your knees and toes pointed slightly outward. Drawing your abs in descend slowly by bending at the knees and hips as […]

Hack Squat with barbell

This is another variation of the basic Squat that focuses primarily on the quadriceps or thigh muscles.

Front Squat with Barbell

The Front Squat works the same muscles as the rear squat without placing the weight of the bar on your shoulders.

Thigh Adductor

This exercise targets and works the muscles of the inner thigh.

Zecher Squats

This variation of squat is similar to a Front Squat, it works to build the Upper muscles of the quadriceps (thighs).