Barbell Squat

This is an exercise for leg strengthening, mainly the quadriceps. Steps Lifting a barbell off of a weight rack, position it on your shoulders. Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart with your knees and toes pointed slightly outward. Drawing your abs in descend slowly by bending at the knees and hips as […]

Body Row

This is a good overall exercise which strengthens your chest, core and back muscles.

Seated Cable Rows

This is an exercise for middle back, biceps and lower back strengthening.

Hack Squat with barbell

This is another variation of the basic Squat that focuses primarily on the quadriceps or thigh muscles.

Balance Board

Your calves are stabilizing muscles for your legs, so this exercises uses a Balance Board or wobble board to force you to balance.

Ball Wall Circles

This is an exercise to strengthen and stretch the rotator cuff muscles or shoulder muscles.